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Hello Goodbye

We have been spending alot of our time waving lately. Judah is very impressed with herself and her recently perfected skills of waving and clapping, which she is able to practice quite alot in public. Standing in line at the post office for instance, offers vast opportunities for waving at people coming and going. Oddly enough, not everyone waves back, but Judah assertively responds to such unfriendliness by yelling at these strangers and waving even more frantically. She appears to be so intent on getting the most out of these abilities that she has such a hard time letting go of the events of the day (clapping and waving) to fall asleep at night. The moment she opens her eyes in the morning, she greets the day with applause. Judah is clearly excited about life and loves to encourage others to match her enthusiasm!

Lisa will be here tomorrow and we are fraught with anticipation. Sledding is another one of Judah’s favorite activities, and Zach has cleverly discovered a great sledding opportunity for us all. Extreme tubing, apparently is what we are hoping Lisa is up for on Saturday.

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Considering that “blog” sounds like a made up word, and it’s an embarrassing one at best, I shall therefore call this my “musings”. While still mildly embarrassing, at least it makes sense. In these musings I hope to attempt picture posting as well as anecdotes about my life. It’s unfortunate that I lack both picture posting skills and superb grammar skills.

On the anecdotal front, I made excellent salsa this afternoon. I expect that it shall be more excellent tomorrow, upon having several hours to sit. Also, Judah and I made some new and very nice friends today, which is timely, considering that all of our other friends are currently away and traveling around various parts of the world. If I had better picture posting skills, I could provide visual proof of both the salsa and the friends.

I’ll post more musings at a later time. For now, I’m going to set about rousing the napping baby and getting ready for an evening swim.

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