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I think I’m pretty fortunate to live in Homer; a town where people neither discourage nor harass me for feeding my child in the biologically normal way. In my experience breastfeeding around this town and even in Soldotna, individuals have gone out of their way to approach me and comment on my breastfeeding Judah to say supportive and encouraging things…never something negative or discriminatory.

In Anchorage however, it appears as though some women and their babies are not so fortunate. H2Oasis evidently has some anti breastfeeding in public sentiments. As an allegedly family friendly organization, that does not seem very family friendly.

I wonder when I hear of women being harassed for feeding their babies in the biologically normal way, what would these offended people prefer? A quiet, nursing baby or a screaming, hungry one? For women to stay home with their babies, lest they might decide to breastfeed in public? I mean, should we not go out of our way to accommodate women with babies? We should. For the most part, I think people do. But not at H2Oasis apparently, when those women need to breastfeed their babies.

I think it is bizarre that there is so much negativity surrounding breastfeeding. I have heard Le Leche League women described as “breastfeeding nazis” which is offensive and hateful on many levels. Are people really so ignorant about feeding babies that breastfeeding is an abstruse “issue” and fraught with “controversy”?

Once again, I just consider how fortunate I am to have had no battles to fight over feeding my baby in the biologically normal way. Really, it should not be chalked up to good fortune. It’s a basic right. It’s just feeding the baby. It’s not even noteworthy…and then I read the comment section of ADN.


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I cannot imagine a life in which I have a small child but no sling. People think I am crazy in my exuberance over this amazing little scrap of lovely green linen. They have no idea however, how easy the past 15 months have been for me due to said scrap of linen, and how content and happy my sweet baby has been.

Judah naps in her sling,photo(72)nurses in her sling, photo(71)and is generally pleased to be in there while we go for walks all over this town, clean house, garden, cook, etc.

It’s so nice to be able to hold her and still have two hands free to do whatever I like and she clearly loves to be at a similar level with me; to see the world and it’s goings on.

If I were going to pick one thing – one super awesome baby “gadget” necessity, it would be my sling. We don’t use cribs, changing tables, swings, funky chairs for babies to hang out in, etc. But we use this sling daily, and it is definitely a key aspect in my bonding relationship with this small child.

What do people even do with their babies if they don’t have a sling? Everyone should have one. And if they live in Homer, they should purchase them here.

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Ever since Judah was born she has slept in our bed. I mean, what was I supposed to do with the small baby who had just emerged from my vagina me? Ditch her in a bed with bars and curl up with Zach, leaving the born-just-hours-before child to spend her first night earthside alone? I’m not the warmest of persons, but certainly I’m not that cold. Who likes to sleep alone anyway?

It’s really nice. It’s always been nice, but now I’m especially thankful for having this little kid to snuggle up with at night. These days Judah likes to pretend that she has the world by it’s proverbial tail. It appears as though she believes that she is all grown up and is actually the one in charge. At night time however, she turns back into my tiny, sweet, little baby and and nurses contentedly and makes soft noises…and prefers to prop her legs up on me while she sleeps. photo(70)Additionally the State of Alaska recently conducted a study on safe sleeping spaces for babies and determined that (sober!) mama’s bed is the safest place for baby to sleep. But I lost the link, so you won’t be getting that from me tonight!

Most compelling though, is to see Judah as soon as she wakes up with a GIANT smile on her face, and immediately checking for her dad, the dogs, etc…(well, not really etc. there is not typically anyone else to check for). It’s all so lovely and sweet.

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Summer fun. I feel like there is always so much to do during summer…and time goes by so quickly (and summer only lasts for like, two months anyway) that before you know it, the snow is falling and unachieved summer plans are sabotaged. I’m just going to make a list of Necessary Summer Experiences for this year.

-Swimming in the Ocean (with or without Judah, as she seems a bit put off by the frigid water)

-Anderson Bluegrass Festival (everybody who is anybody will be there, I assure you)

-Fishing Fishing Fishing

-Camping upon Camping

-Fires on the Beach

-Spend alot of time in Fairbanks. Primarily at Chena Lakes with Fun Friends.

-Volleyball (but where and with whom?)

-Pick Berries

-Make Jam

-Make delicious berry or flower wine or mead

-Visit Bethel? (this may be wishful thinking)

-Harvest Lettuce Daily From the Garden

Well, thats my list for now. I’m sure it could use some additions.

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This is a picture of a little girl who LOVES camping. She thinks it is the most amazing and fun thing; the tent, the sleeping bags, the rivers, the woods, the staying up late, the yogurt…photo(62)We spent the night by the river in Hope. We are constantly trying to think of a way to live in Hope. It is such a great place, and beautiful, and small, and so ideal…but alas, we are not independently wealthy, and therefore do not know how to make a successful move to live our lives in that lovely place. So we just camp there, and contemplate how fortunate we already are to live in another good town just down the road.

Upon leaving Hope, we drove North a ways and came across a fatal accident on the Seward Highway. It was tragic and horrible.

We stayed with our Bethel friends at the Fairbanks’ cabin in Rainbow (thanks Grant and Debbie and Drake and Rachel!). Judah could not even believe her good fortune at discovering the terrain covered with BOTH strawberries and daisies. Here she is clutching one of the many flowers she picked and swinging on the antler swing: photo(64)The cabin is up on the hill, looking out over Cook Inlet. We spent quite a bit of time on the deck, admiring the impressive view.

Don, Drake, Katie, Rachel and Annette

Don, Drake, Katie, Rachel and Annette

Judah put some effort into cleaning up before we left in the morning.



We set out for Homer and stopped at this great lake on the way. Amesa and I did some swimming,

following in Amesa's wake

following in Amesa's wake

and I caught a minnow for Judah. Fish are very exciting for her, after she observed Rachel impressively catch not one, but two minnows…in mere minutes, while others spend their entire lives (probably even more than 50 years) attempting this feat, but to no avail.

Clearly, it was a successful trip for all. Clearly, Alaska is the most beautiful place of all.

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Fish Fishy

The thing about Homer is that it’s the destination for those in search of Good Halibut Fishing. Everyone knows. I mean, if you want salmon, you go to Chitina. If you want weird trout like things, you go to Chena Lakes. If you want halibut, you go to Homer.

The good news is that we have the inside scoop on the best halibut charter in Homer. Captain Scott has a sweet underwater video camera on his boat, and unbeatable rates! He also fillets the fish for you, which is helpful.

Check out his website if you have plans for halibut fishing in Homer!

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