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Waiting for Winter

It appears as though Autumn cannot let go. I keep hoping for snow. We have started reading books about Winter, in our attempts to summon this change of Season.

Presently it’s raining…if it could just cool off a bit, that rain would turn to snow! Winter in Homer is notoriously rainy, much to my dismay, but I do recall there being snow as well.

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There is alot to be said for getting enough rest…

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The Days…

And the days are not full enough

And the nights are not full enough

And life goes by like a field mouse

Not shaking the grass.

Ezra Pound

An old and dearly loved poem.

We have had such a pleasant summer in countless ways, and I always love the changing of seasons. It is Autumn in Homer and soon to be Winter.

Perhaps with the shorter days; the rain and imminent snow and inevitably inclement weather, I’ll be spending more time indoors…giving more frequency to blog updates.

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