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Health Care

Everyone likes to pontificate about health care; making presumptions, proclaiming uninformed statements and drawing illogical conclusions. I’m here to do the same…somewhat. Admittedly, I do have opinions and they may not be the most researched and educated but I have them and I’ll share them but I’ll recognize that there are possibilities that I have not considered, but mostly, I just have some questions.

Why is health care so expensive in the first place? I realize that to some extent, this is due to the massive amounts of malpractice insurance providers carry, which seems tricky to me. It also seems as though health care providers typically make quite a bit of money, which is fair I suppose, given that they assume a large amount of responsibility for the health of individuals. I think that historically, doctors and midwives and herbalists worked under more of a bartering system such as, I’ll attend the birth of your child and you will give me a winter’s worth of potatoes…or so I imagine. I don’t think that the potatoes totaled out to equal much wealth either, but that possibly the doctor or midwife or herbalist had an extremely devoted interest in their community and the babies being born and people falling ill were neighbors, relatives and friends. So money, along with the fear of lawsuit was negligible.

I feel like people utilize health care a lot more than they should. I mean, if you break your arm, what are you going to do? Probably you should go to the doctor. Doctors are known for having great skills at setting broken bones and assisting a complete recovery. And when you and your child and your dog have a sore throat and runny nose, you should all stay home, eat onions and garlic and drink tea. I don’t understand the compulsion to constantly have a doctor assess every situation. A person asked me once of Judah, “how much did the doctor say she weighs?” And I just could not believe it. I put the baby on the scale and determined how much she weighed…and yes, that is an innocent question into which I am projecting much, but it indicates to me how we look only towards a doctor for an evaluation of our well being and give them all of the responsibility for our health instead of proactively taking care of ourselves.

Blah blah blah…I have taken this opportunity to rant about why I dislike going to the doctor.

Moving back towards the topic of accessible health care: for me, the question at this point really comes down to individual people. I think universal health care is in theory nice, but in practice can end up not ideal for anyone. What is the ideal solution to the situation in which a person becomes ill or has a tragic accident and neither has insurance nor can afford medical costs? And what about illegal immigrants who are afraid to take their dreadfully ill child to the doctor not only because they don’t have insurance or money, but will they be deported? While some may feel strongly that they should or should not be in the US to begin with, would not everyone agree that a sick child needs medical care? Should you have to be in a position where you might lose your home and every asset if you encounter health problems that incur astronomical medical bills?

I’m just wondering. What is the ideal solution?


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After months and years of self righteous determination to avoid “college” and thus convention, I have collapsed under the societal compulsion to pursue “higher education”. I hope it will be awakening for my occasionally under-stimulated mind. I mean, I could take more individual responsibility for providing myself with education and intellectual stimulation instead of casting all obligation towards UAF. I could, but for now, I’ll give this a try. Maybe I’ll get something extra fun out of it, like a cool degree.

Judah is pumped about it. She already scribbled in my Biology text book. She also now says, “school”.

Um, I even have an assignment to maintain a blog about writing…so I’ll be doing that here. I’m sure it will be fascinating to read. I guess I’ll mention various writing assignments now and then and maybe elaborate on the particularly compelling ones; possibly even on the not so compelling ones…if such an assignment exists, that is!

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Judah loves her mud boots. Luckily for Judah, she lives in Homer where it is perpetually rainy and thus muddy at all times. Even in February. There is apparently no non-rainy season in this region, which is fortunate for some (yuppies and Judah), as it rather necessitates mud boots. While I am convinced that soft soled shoes (especially ones handmade on etsy!) are much better than hard soled shoes for normal foot development…Judah does not care. She loves these boots. She really really loves her Xtra Tuffs (thanks, Drake), but they are much too large for her, and they make her fall. Alot. I had to hide them after she tumbled down the staircase while wearing them. But then she found them while I was at work, threw a tantrum and Zach was compelled to let her wear them again. Alas, they are still too big and are now concealed in a less accessible location. See how much she loves her boots?

And do you see this ridiculous face that Judah insists on making when I attempt to take her picture?

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