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Today You Are You

I have really enjoyed reading this blog about one way in which a mother not only accepts, but also is proud of the person her child is and is becoming, in spite of the fact that it is out of the range of “normalcy” and comfort for many. I hope to have opportunities in which I may exhibit this type of openness to people; not just as a parent to my child, but in the larger scope of my life and daily interactions. It is very apparent to me that I love my child, for who she is, although I am not altogether sure who exactly that may turn out to be. But I do know that I enjoy her, value her, appreciate her existence and anticipate that she will be a human who shows kindness to others and finds the variety that comprises us as people an interesting and exciting aspect of life.

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Summer is drawing to a close in this hemisphere, although in Homer, Alaska it feels as though summer is just now on it’s way in… this past week’s weather has been the nicest since April! I’m quite excited for Winter; it’s a fun season and I love the natural transitions from Summer to Autumn and how by mid-Winter, all people can think about is the imminent arrival of Springtime.

Autumn Smiles...

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