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So, I take Judah to alot of playgroups. Homer is a nice little town and rates highly in the ‘fun activities for babies’ criteria…I hear that Bethel is really lacking playgroups (but I actually have friends there) and while Fairbanks has it’s own share of baby oriented events (and friends), I would have to, you know, drive alot further to reach them. I certainly would not walk to them. Thus, Homer wins out again, I suppose. The thing is though, people overhear me at these playgroups asking Judah if she needs to use the bathroom and they look at me in a strange manner and ask me if she is potty trained. This provokes eye rolling on my part, as the answer is complicated and if I go into it attempting to explain, they will think I’m crazy and probably won’t even believe me, so the question leaves me at a loss for an answer.

I’m sure I have mentioned this before, when I tell people about elimination communication, they think I’m nuts. They tell me it does not work. (Oh, really?) They say it’s terribly hard. Gross. Complicated. Biologically impossible. I just really don’t understand, I mean, what is not to embrace about not changing diapers?

So anyway, the ridiculous thing is that I am in the midst of writing an (overdue) essay about elimination communication for my English class. Perhaps I shall begin passing my Finished Product out to those who question me regarding Judah’s “elimination” habits. I suppose our playgroups provide a general demographic of people who represent the targeted audience of my argument. Perhaps my essay with it’s strong thesis and several supporting reasons would succeed at convincing individuals of what is apparently biological normal anyway. But wouldn’t the cost effectiveness be a convincing factor in and of itself? For instance, imagine spending less than $200 on diapers (which are reusable even, as they are cloth!) for a child (such as i did…) as opposed to spending between $2,000 – $3,000 which is the average spent for conventionally potty trained and disposable diapered children. Or the environmental factor…no washing diapers, no diapers in the trash, but poo and pee in the potty, as a reasonable alternative! Or the convenience of the brilliant scheme! I have never packed around a diaper bag. Zach, (five month old) Judah and I were stranded in Anchorage once with no diapers of any kind, but as sense would dictate, we did have a tiny toilet for our small child, and she used it and never once had need of a diaper. In a similar situation, I was stranded at a conference in Girdwood once, for three days with (six month old) Judah sans diapers…we had one small pee incident. One!

The other ridiculous thing is, a lady followed me home in her car one day, yelling out of her window to me, “are you the one who potty trained her baby?” So I gave her a book about ec, called Diaper Free Baby by Christine Gross-Loh. The book is now in the process of being passed around to various pregnant women at the playgroup. Hopefully they will read it and learn.

It’s easy! It’s simple! I only wonder, why would someone choose not to practice ec?

I should add…I do have nice friends in Homer. But still, I resent the fact that most of the peopleĀ  I know and love live in two far away destinations.

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After months and years of self righteous determination to avoid “college” and thus convention, I have collapsed under the societal compulsion to pursue “higher education”. I hope it will be awakening for my occasionally under-stimulated mind. I mean, I could take more individual responsibility for providing myself with education and intellectual stimulation instead of casting all obligation towards UAF. I could, but for now, I’ll give this a try. Maybe I’ll get something extra fun out of it, like a cool degree.

Judah is pumped about it. She already scribbled in my Biology text book. She also now says, “school”.

Um, I even have an assignment to maintain a blog about writing…so I’ll be doing that here. I’m sure it will be fascinating to read. I guess I’ll mention various writing assignments now and then and maybe elaborate on the particularly compelling ones; possibly even on the not so compelling ones…if such an assignment exists, that is!

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Upon the FairBanks

‘Home’ has taken on different meanings for me over the years. I suppose that I so strongly identify with Fairbanks as home because I have spent the majority of my life there. In the same house. With the same friends. Swimming in the same lakes. Laughing at the same jokes. 100_0075.jpgwsTherefore while I have another place to call home for now, I have not had many of those experiences which create the sense of ‘home’ that I am accustomed to, so it feels…different, and sometimes I miss the place that symbolizes what home has always meant to me. However, it’s these two who primarily define ‘home’ for me these days:100_0012.jpgwsand I find it interesting and exciting to see what we decide ‘home’ and ‘family’ will look like for us.

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Summer fun. I feel like there is always so much to do during summer…and time goes by so quickly (and summer only lasts for like, two months anyway) that before you know it, the snow is falling and unachieved summer plans are sabotaged. I’m just going to make a list of Necessary Summer Experiences for this year.

-Swimming in the Ocean (with or without Judah, as she seems a bit put off by the frigid water)

-Anderson Bluegrass Festival (everybody who is anybody will be there, I assure you)

-Fishing Fishing Fishing

-Camping upon Camping

-Fires on the Beach

-Spend alot of time in Fairbanks. Primarily at Chena Lakes with Fun Friends.

-Volleyball (but where and with whom?)

-Pick Berries

-Make Jam

-Make delicious berry or flower wine or mead

-Visit Bethel? (this may be wishful thinking)

-Harvest Lettuce Daily From the Garden

Well, thats my list for now. I’m sure it could use some additions.

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Heather, Kurt and Ashton all visited us over the weekend!



Judah was highly disappointed when she woke up this morning and could not find Heather. She looked all over the house for her; she even checked under the blankets of Heather’s bed.



We were also so happy to see Kurt, after what seemed like years…



Ashton really cracks me up when he talks to Judah. He pretty much ignores her until they are by themselves, and then he really tries to engage her as though she is his peer, talking to her on a five year old level and really trying to understand her babble. Judah says, “ba ba das ba” and Ashton asks quite seriously, “what did you say, baby? what did you say?” It makes me laugh. He is a very nice cousin!

Fortunately, the sun was shining in Homer all weekend although Heather was freezing, having come straight from a Fairbanks heat wave.

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Summer in Homer is NICE this year! Last year it was rain rainy rain. And more rain. There was a notable lack of sunshine and I agonized over the possibility that we had made the dumbest move ever, relocating to a place with even less summer than Bethel…or sunny Fairbanks. Thankfully, the summer is delightful thus far and I am once again happy to be living in this fun town.

With all of this glorious sunshine, our plants have been needing quite alot of water. Judah is more than happy to take on the task of watering the garden.photo(42)

photo(43)Which is infintely more helpful than her previous gardening endeavors, that involved ripping plants out of the dirt and racing across the yard before anyone could catch her. Judah has a new bike to ride as well; as you can see, she is psyched about it. photo(44)And we have all been having fun spending our days outside, taking full advantage of this nice, nice weather!photo(45)

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We had a busy weekend. Judah and I decided pretty last minute to fly to sunny Fairbanks for the weekend. Prior to that, I decided to take Judah to the naturopath as we both have had a lingering cold and she also grew a molar which made her feel pretty awful, I think. The dr. was reassuring however, and recommended some homeopathics and soothing oil for our aching ears.

Flying to Fairbanks was successful! Judah was highly impressed with the aircraft. She was not so pleased with the reality of remaining (mostly) seated for 40 whole minutes at a time…but she persevered and we made it and had a lovely weekend with good friends, family and sunshine!

Back at home, Judah slept in this morning and is sleeping away the afternoon as well, catching up on her rest after our late nights and busy days!

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