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I’d prefer not to acknowledge the fact that there appear to be large gaps in my blogging. It is hard to ignore, as the gaps are so…large.

Moving on…

I am both gleeful and a little embarrassed for my child that she has such a lack of awareness around pop culture for toddlers. For instance, Zach and Judah recently took a trip to Soldotna where they had a drive-thru lunch for the first time in Judah’s tiny life. A few days later, Judah informed me that she wanted “poop chicken” for dinner. After telling her that I did not know what poop chicken may be, she said, “you know, that poop chicken that Zach always buys me in Soldotna…with ketchup”! (if by always, she means, once…) Oh yes, Judah. Chicken nuggets. You want chicken nuggets for dinner? I don’t think she had ever previously encountered chicken nuggets…only the other non chicken type of nuggets that are not food and might also be known as, “poop”.

So, also never having been to McDonald’s until a friend recently took her there, she told me the other day that she would like to have lunch again at “Old McDonald had a farm – that really nice restaurant with the tables”.

And…she had a big argument with her small friend about a fish. Her friend said, “hey that’s Nemo!” and Judah said, “no, that is not a Nemo, that is a fish!” and the arguing ensued.

She is well versed, however, on many relevant topics pertaining to children and the world.

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Big City

Zach, Judah and I have been in Anchorage this week – luckily enough our trip coincided with an Andy Warhol exhibit at the Anchorage museum. Aside from an interesting but unfortunate mishap, about which I don’t think I can speak of on such a public forum, the museum trip was a giant success. I was excited to view Art that did not fall under the exclusive title of Alaskan Landscapes and Judah loved the children’s portion of the Warhol exhibit, which included about 50 pairs of sunglasses for trying on.

And! Judah and her little Homer friends were extra pleased to visit the Imaginarium. Who knew Anchorage could be such a good time?

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Today You Are You

I have really enjoyed reading this blog about one way in which a mother not only accepts, but also is proud of the person her child is and is becoming, in spite of the fact that it is out of the range of “normalcy” and comfort for many. I hope to have opportunities in which I may exhibit this type of openness to people; not just as a parent to my child, but in the larger scope of my life and daily interactions. It is very apparent to me that I love my child, for who she is, although I am not altogether sure who exactly that may turn out to be. But I do know that I enjoy her, value her, appreciate her existence and anticipate that she will be a human who shows kindness to others and finds the variety that comprises us as people an interesting and exciting aspect of life.

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There is a new rule at our house: No hiding in the washing machine. As you can see, some of us don’t always follow the rules.

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So, I take Judah to alot of playgroups. Homer is a nice little town and rates highly in the ‘fun activities for babies’ criteria…I hear that Bethel is really lacking playgroups (but I actually have friends there) and while Fairbanks has it’s own share of baby oriented events (and friends), I would have to, you know, drive alot further to reach them. I certainly would not walk to them. Thus, Homer wins out again, I suppose. The thing is though, people overhear me at these playgroups asking Judah if she needs to use the bathroom and they look at me in a strange manner and ask me if she is potty trained. This provokes eye rolling on my part, as the answer is complicated and if I go into it attempting to explain, they will think I’m crazy and probably won’t even believe me, so the question leaves me at a loss for an answer.

I’m sure I have mentioned this before, when I tell people about elimination communication, they think I’m nuts. They tell me it does not work. (Oh, really?) They say it’s terribly hard. Gross. Complicated. Biologically impossible. I just really don’t understand, I mean, what is not to embrace about not changing diapers?

So anyway, the ridiculous thing is that I am in the midst of writing an (overdue) essay about elimination communication for my English class. Perhaps I shall begin passing my Finished Product out to those who question me regarding Judah’s “elimination” habits. I suppose our playgroups provide a general demographic of people who represent the targeted audience of my argument. Perhaps my essay with it’s strong thesis and several supporting reasons would succeed at convincing individuals of what is apparently biological normal anyway. But wouldn’t the cost effectiveness be a convincing factor in and of itself? For instance, imagine spending less than $200 on diapers (which are reusable even, as they are cloth!) for a child (such as i did…) as opposed to spending between $2,000 – $3,000 which is the average spent for conventionally potty trained and disposable diapered children. Or the environmental factor…no washing diapers, no diapers in the trash, but poo and pee in the potty, as a reasonable alternative! Or the convenience of the brilliant scheme! I have never packed around a diaper bag. Zach, (five month old) Judah and I were stranded in Anchorage once with no diapers of any kind, but as sense would dictate, we did have a tiny toilet for our small child, and she used it and never once had need of a diaper. In a similar situation, I was stranded at a conference in Girdwood once, for three days with (six month old) Judah sans diapers…we had one small pee incident. One!

The other ridiculous thing is, a lady followed me home in her car one day, yelling out of her window to me, “are you the one who potty trained her baby?” So I gave her a book about ec, called Diaper Free Baby by Christine Gross-Loh. The book is now in the process of being passed around to various pregnant women at the playgroup. Hopefully they will read it and learn.

It’s easy! It’s simple! I only wonder, why would someone choose not to practice ec?

I should add…I do have nice friends in Homer. But still, I resent the fact that most of the peopleĀ  I know and love live in two far away destinations.

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Judah loves her mud boots. Luckily for Judah, she lives in Homer where it is perpetually rainy and thus muddy at all times. Even in February. There is apparently no non-rainy season in this region, which is fortunate for some (yuppies and Judah), as it rather necessitates mud boots. While I am convinced that soft soled shoes (especially ones handmade on etsy!) are much better than hard soled shoes for normal foot development…Judah does not care. She loves these boots. She really really loves her Xtra Tuffs (thanks, Drake), but they are much too large for her, and they make her fall. Alot. I had to hide them after she tumbled down the staircase while wearing them. But then she found them while I was at work, threw a tantrum and Zach was compelled to let her wear them again. Alas, they are still too big and are now concealed in a less accessible location. See how much she loves her boots?

And do you see this ridiculous face that Judah insists on making when I attempt to take her picture?

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Judah and I have been experimenting with sourdough lately. We have made some great bread, mostly whole wheat with some other grains added in for intrigue… I’m really learning alot about the amazing properties of sourdough and how useful an addition it is to one’s diet. We generally only eat sourdough bread (and pancakes!) but Zach is usually responsible for all of the bread making however, since he has been off becoming a fire fighter we have had no one to bake our bread, so Judah and I stepped up to the task. This website has been a helpful resource. In light of Judah’s recent dental crisis, it is especially important to us to ensure that she is not only consuming a healthy diet, but also a proper balance of various foods that enable her body to process the nutrients it is taking in. When improperly prepared, bread and grains can really limit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Hence, sourdough! Also soaking or sprouting grains is an ideal means of preparation. It’s interesting information and so far, the baking of the sourdough has been fun! As you can see.

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