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My favorite books…of those I read this year…A List:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino
The Way of Ignorance by Wendell Berry
The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved by Sandor Elliz Katz
Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de St Exupery
Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott
Of The Farm by John Updike
Autumn and Winter by Gerda Muller (also on Judah’s list of favorites)
Equus by Peter Shaffer
Alaska Gardening Guide by Ann D. Roberts

This is sort of a ridiculous list, because several of these books I read over and over and they will always be amongst my favorites, but how can I not include them when I love them so much? And these authors? Such contributions! I can’t even begin to describe how they have shaped my own thought processes and considerations on the world and that within it.

I feel delighted to have discovered Gerda Muller and her lovely collection of children’s books centered around the changing seasons. I can hardly wait for Spring and Summer respectively, when Judah and I shall begin to read those with much anticipated frequency.

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I cannot imagine a life in which I have a small child but no sling. People think I am crazy in my exuberance over this amazing little scrap of lovely green linen. They have no idea however, how easy the past 15 months have been for me due to said scrap of linen, and how content and happy my sweet baby has been.

Judah naps in her sling,photo(72)nurses in her sling, photo(71)and is generally pleased to be in there while we go for walks all over this town, clean house, garden, cook, etc.

It’s so nice to be able to hold her and still have two hands free to do whatever I like and she clearly loves to be at a similar level with me; to see the world and it’s goings on.

If I were going to pick one thing – one super awesome baby “gadget” necessity, it would be my sling. We don’t use cribs, changing tables, swings, funky chairs for babies to hang out in, etc. But we use this sling daily, and it is definitely a key aspect in my bonding relationship with this small child.

What do people even do with their babies if they don’t have a sling? Everyone should have one. And if they live in Homer, they should purchase them here.

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Summer fun. I feel like there is always so much to do during summer…and time goes by so quickly (and summer only lasts for like, two months anyway) that before you know it, the snow is falling and unachieved summer plans are sabotaged. I’m just going to make a list of Necessary Summer Experiences for this year.

-Swimming in the Ocean (with or without Judah, as she seems a bit put off by the frigid water)

-Anderson Bluegrass Festival (everybody who is anybody will be there, I assure you)

-Fishing Fishing Fishing

-Camping upon Camping

-Fires on the Beach

-Spend alot of time in Fairbanks. Primarily at Chena Lakes with Fun Friends.

-Volleyball (but where and with whom?)

-Pick Berries

-Make Jam

-Make delicious berry or flower wine or mead

-Visit Bethel? (this may be wishful thinking)

-Harvest Lettuce Daily From the Garden

Well, thats my list for now. I’m sure it could use some additions.

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Oh Hello Moose

Blaster and Amesa almost died today at the hands of a moose. It was actually at the feet of a moose, rather than the hands. I raced outside this morning, when I heard frantic barking in the yard, to discover the dogs darting back and forth between the legs of a mama moose. She was chasing them in circles, and her baby was running away from the scene. It was a little frightening…but thankfully the dogs came in the house and the moose departed. Alas, I was unable to capture any amazing photos of the nearly fatal incident.

However, moments later we were graced with the presence of yet another mama moose and these two cute babies. photo(50)Here is the mama with her twins: photo(49)These are not the best pictures. I took more with the good camera, but am having some trouble getting those onto the computer. So these are from Zach’s phone and were taken later on in the day…the moose were hanging around incessantly all day long. Also, they were intent on eating out of the garden. I was nervous to leave the house, lest they mistake my absence as an open invitation to feast upon our greens!  I did find tiny, baby moose tracks in one of our boxes…I’m hoping that they will manage to stay out of the garden henceforth!

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Good Morning Mimosa

Well, Judah and I set out to water our prosperous garden this sunny morning, and discovered that Amesa had dug up half of the Kale, a box full of lettuce and green onions, and traipsed through the spinach.

In our despair, we determined that the only reasonable thing to do would be to walk down to the Mermaid Cafe for a 9 o’clock mimosa. Not only did this little jaunt successfully ease the trauma of the Ruined Kale Incident (hereafter known as the RKI), but I think we also discovered the perfect meeting location for our book club. Hurray for mimosas and book club on Fridays! The day has brightened after all, despite the RKI.

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Summer in Homer is NICE this year! Last year it was rain rainy rain. And more rain. There was a notable lack of sunshine and I agonized over the possibility that we had made the dumbest move ever, relocating to a place with even less summer than Bethel…or sunny Fairbanks. Thankfully, the summer is delightful thus far and I am once again happy to be living in this fun town.

With all of this glorious sunshine, our plants have been needing quite alot of water. Judah is more than happy to take on the task of watering the garden.photo(42)

photo(43)Which is infintely more helpful than her previous gardening endeavors, that involved ripping plants out of the dirt and racing across the yard before anyone could catch her. Judah has a new bike to ride as well; as you can see, she is psyched about it. photo(44)And we have all been having fun spending our days outside, taking full advantage of this nice, nice weather!photo(45)

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Our garden is moldy.

we grow mold along with the zucchini

we grow mold along with the zucchini

Zach went to the trouble of building mini greenhouses for our boxes, so that our precious plants would have some respite from the dreadful wind. Evidently they are doing their job…perhaps just a bit too well. Zach remedied the issue with the covers, but now we have moldy plants. I’m not so sure what to do about that. Someone suggested lime? We’ll give that a go, I suppose. The garden is doing well otherwise, which makes me thrilled!

In other news, Judah is discovering loads of new things. She found a pair of sunglasses at Haven House the other day and insisted on wearing them, so when Zach picked us up from work in the morning, he was greeted by this: photo(35)Also, while at the bank, a lady (who clearly has no concern for Judah’s teeth) gave a sucker to the baby. She was very impressed. photo(36)More than happy to share, as well!photo(37)She was definitely into the sucker and was quite unhappy when she had to give it up. It is waiting in the truck for the next time she has a giant meltdown about driving.

Vegetable Korma for dinner tonight…it’s simmering on the stove at this very moment. I think I am breaking out of the cooking rut. We had spinach lasagna last night. We’ll hopefully have some delicious white wine as well. The wine that has been steadily brewing has come to it’s completion, I believe and shall be bottled tonight!

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