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Due to volcanic ash drifting down all around us, Judah, Zach, Blaster, Amesa and I have been feeling rather trapped in this small, but generally cozy house of ours. The days of Staying Home are adding up, given the ash and inclement weather of varying nature. Zach is expressly concerned for Judah and her newish set of lungs. Rightly so, as I’m sure that sucking in ash from volcanoes is not exactly conducive to good respiratory health. Never leaving the house is not particularly helpful for maintaining my sanity however, so it seems to be a bit of a trade off. The pristine state of Judah’s lungs, for zero jaunts into the not-so-fresh air for the rest of us.

While we have been privileged to observe the volcano erupting, others have been proactive enough to capture excellent photographs and videos even, of Redoubt mid-eruption. One is able to view them here.

Pending further volcanic activity, we will continue to focus our efforts on indoor projects, such as brewing wine and mead. I’m pleased to say that both appear to be coming along nicely, if not transforming our mere living room into a brewery of sorts. Very small scale, but exciting, nonetheless!

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