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Judah loves to take a bath. She loves it when I get in with her. She especially loves it when Amesa gets in with her. The dog however, is not too fond of bath time, as you can tell by the tortured expression on her face. But Judah is determined to wash the dog, since they are in the bath, after all. And if Amesa is good at anything, it’s tolerating Judah and accomodating her playful whims and antics.


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Judah and Zach thoughtfully made a cake for my birthday last week. Zach claims that Judah did most of the assembling. It appears to have been a very fun time. Even in black and white. Blaster was pleased to be able to join in on the excitement as well!The end result was this:And this too:It was a wonderful cake! Zach is amazingly skilled at giving gifts as well as at making cakes. He gave me a lovely handmade pottery wine caraffe that he found here. It’s beautiful and ever so useful as I have been mostly pouring my wine straight from the carboy these days…

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